Ten things that happen to your body if you walk every day.

The great Greek physician Hippocrates once said walking is a man’s best medicine well he hit the nail right on the head with that one. Walking is totally free easy requires a little effort and benefits not only your physical but also your mental well-being we’re about to get into that and if you stick around till the end of the writing, you’ll find out what the fit formula is and how it can help you out big-time. Continue reading

Poverty and its characteristics

On a very basic level, poverty is the failure of having options and open doors, an infringement of human poise. It implies absence of fundamental ability to partake successfully in the public arena. It implies not having enough to sustain and dress a family, not having a school or facility to go to, not having the arrive on which to develop one’s sustenance or a vocation to procure one’s living, not having entry to credit. Continue reading

Shares and Stock Market – An Overview

To expand the business an organisation need to increase its capital. For this reason a business company divides its whole capital into small portion of equivalent value which is called share.
A share is only a small portion of an organization’s capital which will be sold among the financial institutions and people to expand the business of company.

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An discussion about financial market

Where two organisations or people are engaged in exchange of products or services in terms  of money is called Market. There are two components in the market: 1. Purchaser or Buyer, 2. Merchant or seller.

The purchaser and merchant are involved in a market, where purchaser buys products or services from the merchant or vender with the exchange of cash.

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