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Shares and Stock Market – An Overview

To expand the business an organisation need to increase its capital. For this reason a business company divides its whole capital into small portion of equivalent value which is called share.
A share is only a small portion of an organization’s capital which will be sold among the financial institutions and people to expand the business of company.

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An discussion about financial market

Where two organisations or people are engaged in exchange of products or services in terms  of money is called Market. There are two components in the market: 1. Purchaser or Buyer, 2. Merchant or seller.

The purchaser and merchant are involved in a market, where purchaser buys products or services from the merchant or vender with the exchange of cash.

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Discussion about Motivation and its importance

Motivation – The word ‘Motivation’ is come from the word ’motive’ which indicates wishes, wants, needs among the people. It is the procedure of inspiring people to achieve the objectives. The emotional factors which inspire the people’s behavior for achieving the target of the organisation are as follows: financial solvency (money), team work, happiness in work place, appreciation etc.

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Discussion about incentives for motivation

The term ‘incentive’ is a word which uses in an organisation or any other places to motivate people. It is also described as a stimulation to better activity. Incentives are the extra benefits in addition of wages or salary. It means extra compensation or advantage to a worker in appreciation of accomplishment or better performs. Incentives encourage or increase eagerness of the workers for improved efficiency.

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Market Surveys-An effective way to get opinion from the target market

Market study plays an important role to help an organization to identify their target customer of the business so that they can easily enter to the right market in right time. During the time of conducting surveys the surveyor should be creative and consider a wide range of research method and technique.

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What is organizational culture and why it is important?

An organisation is a general workplace where the people work in united to make money as profits with an employment for themselves. It is such a place where the people can understand the dream and want to make it true. Each organization has its own technique of working which helps to develop the culture of that organisation. The culture is the combination of the philosophy, principles, ethics and standards of an organization. Continue reading

Importance of Successful Communication Systems for an Organization

For managers of an organisation successful communication is important because it helps to complete the basic function of management of an organisation which are Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling. Managers act upon their duties in the office by help of communication. It serves as a base for planning. All information which is necessary must be informed to the managers sequentially for making plan and to implement them. Continue reading

Factors to be considered for accepting Special Orders

Sometimes a business may accept a special order at a price that is significantly different from the normal pricing proposal. For that special order, the quantitative analysis will focus on the contribution margin. It must be determined whether the contract price of special order exceeds the variable production and selling costs related to the special order. Continue reading

Some issues for capital budgeting or expenditure decisions

For decision making purposes most of the analysis has focused on short term activities and operations. But, managers must consider some high amount of expenditures which is known as capital expenditures that effect for many years. These expenditure decisions relate to creation of new facilities, large expenditure for vehicles and machinery, conduct a new product research and development and related items where the present cost is high and the payback period will very far to come.

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Factors to be considered to discontinue a product or department

Management must take one of the more difficult decisions which is discontinuation of a business unit that is performing poorly. This kind of decisions can have various effects on the company stakeholders. The tools of Enterprise Performance Evaluation (EPE) help to performance evaluation methods that are useful to identify the lagging sectors.

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